RDFHomepage project

RDFHomepage creates personal homepages based on your RDF data.

Never more duplicate the information in your bibtex, FOAF file, etc. by manually coding ugly and complicated HTML by hand! Let rdfhomepage create it for you!

What is that rdfhomepage actually? It consists of a set of PHP files. Using Chris Bizers RAP (RDF API for PHP) these PHP files first read several RDF data sources, such as, your FOAF or your BIBTEX file (bibtex to RDF conversion is done with bibtex2rdf implemented by Wolf Siberski). The information therein plus interesting relations are then rendered in HTML.

Besides an easy editing of your homepage and a consistent look, you eventually have a real-life use case for your RDF data. Editing your FOAF file is not a freak's job any more. It has become necessary and every additional information you enter will be used directly by your homepage. The PHP files of your homepage always use the most up to date information you provide. You will also want to enter your accepted conference/workshop paper as soon as possible, because then it will appear directly on your homepage in the publications section.

Note: You need PHP >= 5.0 for rdfhomepage to work.

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