Questions on rdfhomepage installation & configuration

How do I manage my publications with RDFHomepage?

Read Leo's blog post on his vast journey to manage his publications.

Where can I enter the information shown below "A SHORT INTRODUCTION OF MYSELF"?

You've got to write the respective HTML in homepage.rdf between <hp:shortBio> ... </hp:shortBio>.

How can I add another menu link??

Edit menu.php and add a menu item for your new page, e.g.

    <li><a href="index.php?page=mynewpage">My New Page</a></li>

You also have to create and copy a new php-file named mynewpage.php to your rdfhomepage directory (the directory where your menu.php file is).

Attention: you have got to use small letters *only* for the php file.

How can I add another sidebar link?

Edit sidebar.php.

Can I change the style of rdfhomepage?

Yes. You can create your own homepage.css file. Maybe, you start with the homepage.css in rdfhomepage!?


Why does some symbol not appear on the publications page?

Maybe you forgot to escape special characters in your bibtex file.

Look up the RDF version of your bibtex file. If the special character(s) are not present, you should look over your bibtex file. If there seems to be no problem, there may be a problem with bibtex2rdf.

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